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Wisecroft Capital Management has a significant capital markets team with personnel stationed on six continents, offering great cross-border capacity, while headquartered in Barbados and offices in the Asia-Pacific region. Our ECM Trading team advises customers on transactions involving publicly traded firms all over the world, and we assist them with both equity and debt issues. Wisecroft Capital Management is pleased to be able to act on behalf of a significant number of publicly traded businesses, nominated advisers, sponsors, as well as a number of other brokers and investment bankers, in a variety of securities offerings.

Our team is also more than capable of handling all areas of ECM Trading's related advising and compliance work. The international capital markets experts at Wisecroft Capital Management collaborate as one huge team on a wide range of international securities transactions and offerings, including but not limited to initial public offerings (IPO’S) , secondary offerings, public mergers and acquisitions, and restructurings.

Our team is made up of public company experts from all around the world who can assist our clients on the intricacies of regulatory regulations and local market practices that arise from a public company takeover.Wisecroft Capital Management has extensive expertise incorporating takeover techniques into a portfolio, and we strive to be entirely transparent with our clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome while trading in the ECM Markets.

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