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Wisecroft Capital Management investment managers can make your retail trading experience simple, with their experience and market knowledge. The most common way to construct a retail trading portfolio, would be with the use of bonds, futures, stocks, as well as options. As a brokerage with access in all major markets, we have the ability to provide our clients with a much more comprehensive range of opportunities for their portfolio.With the increased access to the markets, we are able to spread out your portfolio to further reduce risk by diversifying further. Should you decide to open a Wisecroft Capital Management retail trading portfolio, the most common practise would be to use shares in a round lot (x)00, however although the common practise, retail trading allows you to include as many or as little shares in a portfolio as you see fit.

There are key differences between retail trading and institutional trading, the major difference being the companies that are traded in portfolios. With retail trading your Wisecroft Capital Management broker will more commonly make use of small-mid cap companies, this due to their ability to work on a lower share price point, whereas with an institutional portfolio, you will see a larger portion of large-cap companies. The benefits of our retail trading portfolios, is that by making the most of the small-mid cap companies, you are able to spread your wealth into a much larger group of investments, reducing risk and maximizing profit. Your Wisecroft Capital Management portfolio manager will selectively choose high quality stocks that show great potential to give your portfolio the right ingredients for success.

Wisecroft Capital Management’s chosen investments, go through strict research and analysis before being presented to you, our clients, this is to make sure that when you are offered an opportunity we are confident that it will increase your portfolios worth, rather than decrease it. Based on our experience in the international markets, we are confident in our abilities to offer our client great returns for their retail trading portfolio, by incorporating quality stocks and opportunities, which makes our retail trading portfolios perfect for education funds, future planning, or the beginning of a retirement plan.

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